CameraTrace Feature Details

Camera Registration & Recovery by GadgetTrak

Active Image Monitoring & Recovery

CameraTrace utilizes a specialized search technology that looks for images that were taken by a camera. The database currently contains over 11,000,000 cameras and is growing fast.

We partnered with CPUsage to create a special search "spider" that scans photos on popular photo sharing sites (like Flickr and 500px) and extracts the serial numbers from them if available. This serial number data is stored in Exchangeable Image Format (EXIF) tags in the photo file itself. The process requires considerable computer resources to keep up with the large number of photos uploaded to these sites, so we have leveraged a distributed computing model that allows us to spread this workload across hundreds of computer systems, with more being added daily.

Lost & Found Tags

Often times your items are not stolen, but simply lost. This is where CameraTrace's Lost & Found tags help. Placing our durable lost and found stickers on your items will help finders get in touch with you.

If your item goes missing and is found by a good samaritan, the tag provides a special web address the finder can visit, enter the code and communicate with you anonymously. We provide anonymous communication to both protect the identity of our customers, as well as provide the finder with a means to disclose information regarding a device without risk.

CameraTrace tags are constructed of a durable metallic material which will ensure the tag lasts as long as your device.

Camera Recovery Assistance

We have years of experience working with police to recover lost and stolen devices. It's never a good idea to try to recover a stolen device on your own. Stolen merchandise often leads to the discovery of more serious crimes. We have uncovered theft rings and even organized crime.

We help you through the process to make is as stress free as possible. We offer an online system for filing a police report with many local police departments and, if you prefer, we will even speak to police on your behalf.

Protect Your Copyrights

    An additional benefit of our image monitoring service is copyright protection. We are living in a time when it's easier than ever to share pictures with friends and family as well as client and coworkers. Unfortunately, it's easier than ever to use other people's work without their permission or even pass it off as your own.

    CameraTrace is a great tool for protecting your copyrights. With links to pages where your photos are displayed, you can quickly see if somebody is misusing your work.