Keep Your Camera Safe

CameraTrace helps recover missing cameras.

Recover Your Lost Or Stolen Camera

Thieves beware. CameraTrace scours the internet searching for photos that were taken with your camera to help police track it down and get it back for you.

Lost & Found Tags

Often cameras aren't stolen, they're simply lost. You'll receive a Lost & Found Tag with a unique serial number to put on your camera to help you get it back.

Only $10 per camera.
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Lost & Found


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Photographer gets $9K worth of stolen camera gear back with GadgetTrak

Xeni Jardin
Boing Boing

A clever experiment may make it possible for you to recover a stolen camera [and] find people using your photos without permission...

Roy Furchgott
The New York Times

GadgetTrak have just managed to help a photographer regain a stolen Nikon D3.

Tim Barribeau
Popular Photography Magazine


  • Active Image Monitoring

    CameraTrace utilizes an advanced grid technology to scour social websites like Flickr and 500px to identify photos taken with stolen cameras. Over 11 million cameras indexed!

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  • Lost & Found Tags

    Tags are durable metallic stickers to be placed on your camera or lenses. They allow the finder to report the camera found and make arrangements for its return.

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  • Recovery Assistance

    We have years of experience working with police to recover lost and stolen devices. We help you through the process to make is as stress free as possible.

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  • Protect Your Copyright

    Our image monitoring service is copyright protection. Our service scans social sites for your images that are being used without your permission.

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